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BIZON Drag-Hose Injector



BIZON BS900 Drag-Hose Injector


The Schouten Bizon disc harrow slurry injector is suitable for the special tool carrier (lifitng mast) for drag hose fertilization. The grassland injector can be easily and quickly exchanged for the arable land injector. All functionality for the injector, computer, flowmenter and/or NIR sensor is already on the tool carrier. The Bizon is also suitable for mounting behind a self-propelled vehicle or manure tank. The different construction method allows a large working width and yet a low dead weight. The machine has a working width of 9 m and a weight of 2930 kg. The machine is also built very short so that the center of gravity remains as close as possible to the tractor. The Bison is equipped with a single row of discs of a disc harrow with curved trailing tines behind it. The discs are mounted oppositely on the left and right, so that the lateral forces cancel each other out. As a result, with small soil displacement, sufficient space can still be created in the soil to apply manure. The curved drag tines place the soil back neatly so that the manure is submerged. The drag tines can be aggressively adjusted, which guarantees good operation on all types of soil.

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