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RABBIT RD1545-2345



RABBIT RD1545 - 2345


The Rabbit scarify machines are available in two working widths 150cm and 230cm. The Rabbit scarify machine distinguishes itself in robustness and minimal maintenance. The RD 1545 weighs 580 kg has a working width of 150cm and works up to a depth of 50mm with a required power of 30 hp. The RD 2345 weighs 610kg has a working width of 230cm and works up to a depth of 50 mm with a required power of 70 hp.
The Schouten Rabbit is equipped with star-shaped hard metal blades with a diameter of ΓΈ450mm. The thickness of the blades is 3mm and stand at an intermediate distance of 4 cm. The scarify blades rotate with direction of travel which requires less power. This has a positive impact on fuel consumption. Because of the position of the blades  in relation to each other, one knife point grabs in  when  the following blade comes out of the ground. Even a less well-rooted turf is not pulled loose.
The robust frame has on both sides a maintenance free V-belt transmission with 3 V-belts. The frame is equipped with a three-point system for Cat.1 and Cat.2. At the bottom of the frame are feet mounted to the machine. After use can  set it away without damaging the blades. Maintenance is limited to the lubricate the bearings.Hoses have been mounted to be able to do the lubrication job on an accessible place. At the front of the machine is the front roller with a diameter of 140mm,  which allows you to set the working depth  stepless  to a maximum depth of 50 millimeters.  This is indicated by a fixed scale. Standard is the hydraulically adjustable spread wing that allows you to steer the spray of the grass to keep paths and advertising signs clean.

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