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IDEAL Farm/Profi-line WK



IDEAL Farm/Profi-line WK


Schouten Ideal single axle slurry tankers with large wheels enable a low pulling power need and little rut forming. The slurry tankers are built using a very strong chassis on which all essential parts are mounted using bolt connections. The drawbar is hung up hinged and thus adjustable in height. Hydraulic drawbar adjustment is also available. The tanks are made from heavy duty quality and depending on size, equipped with internal cross reinforcements and stabilizing bulkheads. The tanks are also equipped with tank incuts to allow large wheels to be mounted.

All slurry tankers are equipped with a 4-point lift system. The Ideal Farm-line tankers is equipped with a sequenced control, automatic cutoff and reversing the rotation of the distributor. For the complete control of the machine 2 D.W. valves are necessary.

The Ideal Profi-line series is equiped with an electric-hydraulic operated valve block which can be controlled using L.S. The complete control of the machine runs through a programmable terminal. The Ideal Profi-line tankers can be equipped with a hydraulic suction arm and other options.

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