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IDEAL pumpwagon PW-121 Profi-line

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IDEAL Pumpwagon PW-121 Profi-line


The Ideal pumpwagon is a mobile pump unit which fulfills all needs for the drag-hose technique. The tank has a double compartment, a buffer function with ample capacity to pump slurry around and enough room for cleaning and mixing water. The whole design of the tanker is based on ease of operation and capacity. That means malfunction free and a very high supply and discharge of the slurry. The PW120 has a high pressure-centrifugal pump with a ceramic-mechanical axle seal. On top of that, the pump has a pre-cutting knife for cutting up straw and feed residue.

To start up the pumping process a hydraulic driven vacuum pump or rotary-lobe pump is mounted. A hydraulic controlled three-way valve determines the compartment choice for both filling and pumping around slurry or water. 

Butterfly valves simplify the choice fore the place and the necessary amounts of water and air. A flowmeter with display makes an accurate determination of the amount of water used possible. Both modells can be equipped with a remote controlled recirculation pump valve. This way you can close the injector on the headland, keep the hose under pressur, turn, drive back and continue fertilizing. That is delivering clean work with single person control. 

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