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MTS de Vries - 3




The Ridder ditchers are developed to quickly remove excessive water from your land in a ground-structure friendly manner. The working method is built on the principle of a cutter wheel with blades and reamers. The rotation direction is opposite to that of the attached tractor. In this way the machine cuts the ground, mud, plantrests etc. in front of it and no pulling power is needed. The result is no rut forming by the tractor wheels and a clean sculptured ditch with a very fine spreading of the cut out ground.

The Ridder TK25 is the most popular model sold for use by all (agricultural) companies that want to keep the maintenance of water ways in company. Especially for the agricultural crops and row cultures the TK25 is also available with an offset frame. The machine is then equipped with an offset frame with a gear box in an oil bath. According to needs it can be work 75cm to the left or right, but also directly attached behind the tractor.

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