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SPIDER SP8040SS Profi-line Drag-Hose Injector

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Spider SP 8040SS Drag-Hose Injector


The SCHOUTEN SP8040SS drag hose injector is specially designed for small structures, mountainous areas and extremely wet conditions. The machine has a working width of 8 meters. A 180° rotatable pull tube is mounted at the rear, to which the tow hose is connected. This makes it possible to turn quickly on the headland. Due to its compact dimensions and low weight, this is an excellent slurry injector for the livestock farmer who wants to apply his manure himself, or for a contractor who wants to fertilize in the most soil-friendly way. Electric-hydraulic control, flow meter with PLC computer, main valve and relief valve are standard equipment. The injector is available with a trailing foot or a disc coulter of  Ø 350 mm. Optionally, section closure, running wheels and automatic grease lubrication can be mounted.

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